Huawei to launch 5G TV in 2019

Huawei is soon going to add another product to its ecosystem of products. After phones, laptops and wearables, the Chinese tech giant is going to launch the world’s first-5G television as early as this year.

The new 5G TV will be paired with an ultrahigh-definition with 8K display and would enable users to stream content directly without needing a cable box or fixed-line internet connection. The maker is already the largest telecoms equipment company and the second-largest smartphone vendor in the world.

Its 5G television will ramp up its challenge to Apple and Samsung Electronics.

The 5G TV would be able to handle data-heavy content like virtual reality programs and 360-degree videos which need a larger bandwidth than 1080p and 4K content. It would also act as a router hub for all other electronic devices in the home.

Huawei could be the first company to make an 8K 5G TV. The 8K resolution is four times that of the current technology of 4KTV.

More than TVs

It is reported Huawei is developing its own processing units for its computer product line. In fact, the company is aiming to enter into the top five PC makers category by 2021. It is planning to triple its PC shipments in 2019.

Incidentally, Huawei introduced its first laptop as in 2017 only. And as per industry estimates it shipped at least one million units last year.

Huawei’s move into ultrahigh-tech TV comes after its foray in laptops, smart speakers, smart phones, and earphones category.

Huawei leads in smart phones

The company outsold California-based Apple’s iPhones in the first quarter year 2019. It seized the second place spot by replacing Apple in a tightening smartphone market dominated by Samsung.

While the South Korean-based Samsung saw smartphone shipments dropped by 8.1 percent to 71.9 million in the first quarter, Huawei weighed in with 50.3 percent growth and shipped 59.1 million smartphones during the same period. Apple had a challenging quarter with 30.2% drop in iPhone shipments which stood at just 36.4 million units. It is clear that it was only Huawei to have reported a positive growth in 2019 first quarter.

Huawei looks laser-focused on growing its stature in the world of technology, and apart from its mobile devices, a 5G TV may well become its lead horse.