Are Obamas becoming New Health Mascot for Kids?

Everything about children is complex. Whether it is about putting them to sleep, raising them, or feeding them – parents try umpteen numbers of tricks and still fail most of the times. But the world has someone new on the block to help your kids eat – Its Barack and Michelle Obama. Yes, you read it right!

The former US-President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama are bringing a new food show for kids to Netflix. The series titled Listen to Your Vegetables & Eat Your Parents will document the story of the food eaten across the globe by taking an adventure tour. Most of the details about the series have been kept confidential.

The series is will be produced by Higher Ground – the production company founded by the Obamas in 2018. Netflix has not announced when it will make its debut. And it is still unclear if the series will be a live action or an animated one. But one thing is clear that modern generation around the world will immediately get connected to Obamas and they can well become the new health mascot. 

Obamas and food

The Obamas have done a lot to encourage Americans to think about their food and where it comes from. The first lady launched a Let’s Move campaign that encouraged families across America to exercise and cut the junk from their diets.

She promoted clean eating on many US shows like Iron Chef  and Sesame Street

Barack encouraged the habit of healthy eating throughout his term in office, and Michellealso pushed the FDA to list information about added sugars in big fonts on nutrition labels of packaged food.

Obamas’ idea of healthy living was based on non-profit initiative till now, but a series on Netflix may metabolize some business for obamas and their production house.

Kids Nutrition: A growing concern

Since children are picky eaters, the business of child nutritional products has been gaining muscle. This segment is pushed to innovate to meet the demands and changing taste of growing children.

Still in a nascent stage, the kids’ vitamin and dietary supplement market is pegged at Rs 400 crores. Many players like Amway, Abbott Nutrition, among others expand their product profile frequently.

Why kids’ nutrition?

The changes in the food consumption patterns have given rise to child obesity.  The increased consumption of fast foods and soft drinks may partly explain the rise in childhood obesity around the world observed in the past few years.

The absence of balanced diet is haunting not only adults but even children. Children are suffering from classical nutrient deficiencies arising from lower intake of proteins, vitamin D & vitamin C, minerals (Zinc, Copper, and Magnesium). 

The role of nutrition is expanding for infants and adolescents. Improper nutrition is an invitation to various forms of physiological and psychological problems.