Is iPhone recall meant to push Sales for Apple?

Though many brands have shown care about the environment with a purely commercial motive, but none have done it as boldly as Apple has.

On May 9 2019, Apple wrote about the ideal life cycle of an iPhone on its environmental Q&A page. It mentioned that a lot of old iPhones are passed on to family or friends or kept away in drawers after 3 years of its use. The post also says that the life cycles of macOS and tvOS is of four years with the first owners.  

With this post, Apple subtly launched a new campaign to get its users to trade in their old iPhones with a new Apple product. While Apple wanted to keep its message of caring for the ecosystem first, it also reflected that the company is trying to control the falling numbers of its iPhone sales by recalling the products that have outlived their prescribed lifecycle.

This sort of ‘green advertising’ campaign is meant to push its customers to go down the path of returning handset to Apple and trade it in for a new iPhone.

Now there are a number of advantages for Apple if this trade-in cycle can be established with a wider number of iPhone users.

First of all moving from an older iPhone to a newer iPhone would keep a user within the Apple’s ecosystem. Secondly, it will boost Apple’s ailing sales figures. Apart from the new handsets that will contribute to sale, the reconditioned unit that will find a new home will mark additional sale – and both will be generated by a single handset.

With the refurbished phones, Apple can advertise a lower price against the ever increasing cost of a new iPhone that may go as high as $1500. The lower price may also be applicable for the users who trade in specific models.

In addition to all of this, Apple’s campaign to recycle old hardware will remain commendable.

We just hope that the world – that is crazy for high-priced iOS-devices – will truly care for the environment more than the rising prices and falling sales. Whether they chose to abide by the suggested timeline of the campaign or not is really not much significant.