Businesses may pick Micro-Influencers using this App

We are living in an age where people do not trust ads any longer. As per the numbers in 2018, at least 309 million people are using some ad blocker tool for a smooth surfing experience.

This rings the bell with the marketers. Because it means that people are just not getting the message carried to them via advertisements, and those who do get it, may not really believe it. Instead, what people are believing in is the message exchanged among peers and ‘real’ people.

This is precisely the reason fueling the rise of ‘influencers’ on social media—the real people who are trusted and admired. Marketers are utilizing influencer marketing to spread a word about their products through a medium they can trust.

But while a decision to add influencer marketing to a marketing plan may come easy, picking up an influencer to get the action on is trickier than it seems. But if your business is struggling to get the ball of influencer marketing rolling, then this startup is all ears for you.

If you have missed this eight-months old agency then read on. The Los Angeles-based TribeFluence is the first authorized influencer-marketing solutions company which aims to connect the brands with the macro and micro- influencers.

As the influencer market is slated to grow multifold to $10 billion by 2020, the company is likely to see many competitors emerge in short time.

This startup will provide a company the list of influencers after understanding its needs for and reach for branding & marketing.

The company says to specifically cater to the needs of the small businesses by allowing micro-influencers access to the monetization of their social media presence. This means that even small businesses may afford influencer marketing for their outreach.

How does TribeFluence work?

Available as an app on Google and Apple Play stores, the TribeFluence platform brings advertisers and branders together and lets them customize the search to find the right fit for them. The app can be applied to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube users.

Here is how the system works for both sides. Every influencer listed on the platform gets a profile that lists his/her contact information and their social media accounts statistics. Every brand, that comes to the platform to look for a particular influencer(s) to work with, can, using a variety of filters, search an influencer from the database and find the influencer who can address the right audience and advertise a specific product or service.


Weighing Micro-Influencers

TribeFluence’s bet on micro-influencers is an obvious one. Besides giving them access to monetization, micro-influencer marketing is five to six times more cost-effective than macro influencers. 

The same report also claims that micro-influencers get over 60% more engagement and can drive over 20% more weekly conversations on social media than celebrity-driven macro influencer campaigns.

About Influencer Marketing

The trend of influencer marketing has been rising in every sector. It is making an impact in technology reviews to health and fitness, makeup tutorials, fashion and much more.